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by Deena Metzger

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ISBN: 978-0-9983443-5-5

What Dinah Thought

Dina Z, a Jewish-American filmmaker is seeking to document the lives of people who dwell on ancient holy ground and to discover how that history affects them. She falls in love with a Palestinian activist and sees him and his people in ways that were not available to her before the ancient story of Dinah and Shechem was revived through their meeting.

     This novel is a republication of Deena Metzger's 1989 novel. The original motivation for the novel was to investigate the Biblical story from Genesis, the story of Jacob and Leah's daughter who is loved and ravished by a "heathen," and whose brothers avenge her honor by slaying him on his wedding night. This story, which is somehow still unacknowledged, is of the ancient core of the intergenerational conflict remaining very much in our collective DNA, the story which has not been mourned, for which amends have not been made.

     Metzger is hoping to see if the retelling of it in a new way, the reliving of it, even if only in the creative imagination, could offer healing to the terrible history which was (which is) once again exploding in violence.

What Dinah Thought is a work of artistic maturity, deep wisdom and moral passion.

Robert Zaller • Philadelphia Enquirer

     This…tale is a fantastic, complex, braiding of time, spirit, story, magic and peacemaking: Shining luminous strands of each, interwoven by truly gifted hands. If a Nobel Prize were given for visionary fiction, Metzger would surely win. … It is seldom we are given a masterpiece. This is one, for all time.

Sarah Sanderson • Indianapolis News