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by Michael Ortiz Hill

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9720718-6-4

Conspiracies of Kindness

Michael Ortiz Hill, author and registered nurse, writes about self compassion, compassion for others, radical empathy, and how to manifest compassion, in his highly praised new book Conspiracies of Kindness. The book is intended for health care professionals, hospice workers, ministers, and lay people.  

From his own experiences as a nurse, Ortiz Hill creates a web of achingly beautiful stories that brilliantly show us how richness, compassion and wisdom can arise while encountering the most challenging circumstances of severely ill and dying patients in an institutional setting.

“This luminous book can change your life.”

Larry Dossey, MD

[This book is] is “chock full of beautiful, elegant wisdom.”

David Forbes, MD,

President of the American Holistic Medicine Association

“Michael is a gifted teacher.  The idea that compassion is a teachable craft with skills to be practiced brings it from the mystical into the daily world, which of course is where we all need it.”

Kjersten Gmeiner, MD